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How To Pray...With Songs

It has been said that music is the language of the soul.

If that’s true, then it’s no surprise that music and songs are an important part of every Mass. When you focus on the lyrics and the message of church hymns, you will see new ways God is speaking to you to challenge and inspire you.

But what about when we leave Mass? How can we continue to use music in our prayer life throughout the week? Most people don’t have church hymnals sitting at home, or a Gospel choir to follow them around throughout the day. But there are some easy ways to surround yourself with uplifting music throughout the day. Here are some ideas:

When you wake up: If your alarm clock has a CD player, get a CD of your favorite Christian artist, or a mix like WOW hits. Let this play in the morning. It can help you start the day on the right note.

In the car: Tune your radio to a Christian station. There are several major stations with nationwide coverage. If you subscribe to Sirius radio, there is a Christian station called The Message that plays Christian music all day. There is also a Catholic station with guest speakers and discussions.

At work: Depending on your office rules, you may be able to listen to music at your desk, if you use headphones. There are websites and apps that play Christian music all day. Try a Pandora Christian channel, a YouTube search of your favorite Christian singer, or the live stream of a Christian radio station.

At home: Does your family listen to music together? Add some Christian artists to your weekend playlists. You’ll be surprised how quickly children learn the lyrics. They may ask insightful questions about them too.

When you surround yourself with positive, uplifting music throughout the day, you are creating an environment that reminds you to look to God at all times. Let the music soak into your soul until it becomes your daily prayer.

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