Just give me Jesus

I Don't Need Religion - Just Give Me Jesus

I don't need religion, just give me Jesus. I only need a relationship with Jesus. I am a Non-Denominational Christian.

Have you ever heard this?

First let's look at the definition of Religion according to the Merriam Dictionary:

"The service and worship of God or the supernatural."

When someone says they do not follow a religion, according to the actual definition, they are saying they do not service or worship God. I do not think this is their intention. 

Many were simply taught to not follow a religion, simply follow Jesus, which is what Religion means. It means to service and worship God. 

Second, let's look at “I am a Non-Denominational Christian.”

What does this mean? It only means they are protestant and follow most protestant theology.

What is a protestant? A protestant is one who follows Martin Luther or one of the protestant reformers.

In short, Non-Denominational is a denomination in itself. It is all smoke and mirrors to make it seem that one is a true Christian when the truest form of Christianity is Catholicism.

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