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St. Cecilia, Incorruptible

Cecilia is a Roman noblewoman who lived in the 4th century. She grew up wealthy, but as a Christian she determined to make sacrifices like wearing itchy sackcloth and fasting.

Her father promised her in marriage to a young Roman named Valerian, who was a pagan. But Cecelia was determined to remain a virgin. During the wedding ceremony, it is said that she heard and sang divine music in her heart. She told her new husband of her vow.

She also told him that if he were baptized, he would see the angel who stood beside her guarding her. Valerian was baptized as a Christian, and then saw an angel standing beside his wife, crowning her with roses and lilies.

When he told his brother of the angel, his brother also converted to Christianity! For a while, the two brothers volunteered to bury the bodies of Christians who were murdered by the city’s pagan prefect. Cecilia preached and converted around 400 people to Christianity. Eventually, the brothers were arrested and killed because they refused to offer sacrifices to pagan gods.

Cecilia was also arrested and condemned to be burned. Although a huge fire was prepared, it didn’t harm her. Then the prefect ordered her to be beheaded. The executioner tried three times, but couldn’t separate her head from her neck. He left her paralyzed and bleeding, and she eventually died after three days. When her body was exhumed in 1599 (more than one thousand years after her death), it was completely whole and incorrupt. Cecelia was the first of all incorrupt saints. She is now the patron saint of music.

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