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Please donate to help spread the Gospel and Catholics truths via Youtube and Social Media. 

We want to spread Gods true Catholic Church. It is our dream to spread the Gospel and Gods Church - The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

We need your help. In order to help offset costs on Youtube and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.) We ask for your help. 

We will promote videos and blogs on teachings of the Catholic Church to help educate Catholics and Non Catholics. 

Our Church is constantly under attack with misinformation and our goal is to correct this with Biblical teachings, facts and history.

We will upload Youtube and Social media videos consistently and promote them. Today's generation is on social media and youtube so we believe these are the perfect ways to help teach the next generation of Catholics. 

With your Loving donation. We will hire a team of Catholic's with our vision to help us in teaching facts about the Catholic Church. 

Costs Include:

  • Hire Team Catholics to make Youtube and Social Media videos and blog posts about the True Teachings of our Catholic Church.
  • Promote media through social media with advertising costs.

Thank you for your consideration. 

We want to use our God given gifts to help spread the Gospel of the Catholic Church and its teachings. We hope you will help us in our journey. 

You can make a monthly donation as little as $1 per month and cancel anytime.

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